Looking for your Benicia home value?

To calculate your Benicia Home Value we offer a free comprehensive Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) and a SCATTERGRAM that plots similar Benicia home values on a trend line. Our CMA‘s are manually created where we carefully hand pick similar Benicia homes.

While there is no harm in doing an automated online Benicia home value – they are inaccurate. In Solano County, by Zillow’s estimate  65% of homes with Zillow estimates are off by 5%, 84% are off by 10% and 93% are off by 20%. Benicia median home price is $502,500, so being off by 10% is over $50,000.

Curiosity, tax/estate planning, refinancing and selling your home are all good reasons for getting a professional Benicia home value.

Need an Accurate Value for Your Benicia Home?

Our team actually Hand-Pick homes that match your home’s attributes. We search our MLS and use similar search criteria as an appraiser might use in a home valuation for a lender: +/- 20% of your homes sqft, similar beds and bathrooms, +/- 15-20% lot size and similar year built and sold properties during the last 6 months 1/2 to 1 mile radius of your home. We also consider current active, contingent and sold properties because they become relevant when they close. Lastly we evaluate other comp factors such like average list price, average sold price, days on market, median list and sold price and dollars per sqft.

After we select the best comps to use we plot them on a scattergram as seen below. The scattergram plots the homes on a trend line using price and sqft as a factor. We then plot a vertical line that represents your home’s sqft and suggest a value range of your home’s value as seen in the example below.


Benicia Comparative Market Analysis - Scattergram Example

Comparative Market Analysis

Below are a few pages from a sample CMA. The report includes a map of all listings, summary of comps, property details of homes used in the CMA (here you can see listing photos and details of each home in the report). The report also features some analysis and statistics, and some info regarding appraisals vs CMA’s and how they can vary, and some info on online valuations.

For most of our clients thinking of selling their Benicia home, we would meet with our client and go over this report and compare other attributes that add or detract value such as curb appeal, landscape, interior/exterior condition, location, upgrades/remodeling and other attributes as compared to other homes. You can download a copy of a recent CMA here.

If you are curious about your home’s value, please give Jennifer Moore a call at 707-319-1933 and let her know what your address is and the general condition of your home. If you are thinking of selling your home, please take a look at our modern and professional marketing we create to help you sell your home for the highest and best offer.